Info Lab Indonesia

In late 2008, Info Lab Indonesia was established to leverage and extend the offering of Info lab Singapore with the competency and products of Info Lab Singapore to serve the growing market in Indonesia. The mission is to enable enterprises with the latest technology innovations available focusing on enterprise collaboration, business intelligence, and business consulting. We have developed a strong and agile team in its first year, allowing it to build a business market in its first 18 months since 2009. Now, Info Lab Indonesia is building its own capabilities by becoming partner of SAS.

About Info Lab, Pte. Ltd.

Info Lab was established in Singapore in 2003 with a vision to service the Enterprise as a Software Applications provider that provides truly Enterprise solutions. And have since grown at an exponential rate each year. Info Lab Singapore boast a client list that includes multinational corporations, oil and gas, banks, all major ministries, government agencies and more from which we have garnered more than 10 international creative awards to date. More about Info Lab Singapore can be reach at



  • Personnel information system software implementation and network solution, for Government (defence)
  • Geographic based driving license administration software solution, for government (county)
  • Underground mining software implementation, for government (education)
  • Hardware implementation, for government (finance)
  • Hardware implementation, for government (education)


  • SAS software implementation, for CIMB Niaga
  • Office automation software solution, for Media Touch Technology
  • IBM hardware implementation, for AXIS
  • Web portal solution, for Kalbe Farma




*detailed information about each portfolio is available upon request.